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Rutland Residents Association Questionnaire and Answers

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Community Engagement Page

Rutland Residents Meeting
October 17, 2022 
150 Gray Rd (Maday Senior's Centre) 
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm 
New Members are always welcome.

a "RUTLAND STRONG"  T-Shirt to support the Rutland Residents Association. (T-Shirt page

About Us

The Rutland Residents Association (RRA) is a non profit society incorporated February 2, 1994 under the Society Act of British Columbia. The Society is comprised of volunteers who live within the boundaries of the Rutland Sector Plan and who work together to address issues within the boundaries of this area to develop mutually beneficial solutions to concerns.

Monthly General Meetings will be held on the
3rd Monday of every month.
150 Gray Rd (Maday Senior's Centre) 
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (unless otherwise noted on the Meetings page).

Membership / Boundaries / Constitution

All Rutland Residents are encouraged and welcome to join the Rutland Residents Association. Be an active part of the community working together for Rutland.

To join you must reside within the Rutland Sector boundaries, fill in the attached application and bring it to a meeting. Membership Application

Meeting information is on the meeting page.

Boundaries of the Rutland Residents Association
Bylaw 13:
The boundaries of the Rutland Residents Association follow the same boundary lines as the Rutland Sector Plan of the City of Kelowna.
(City of Kelowna Maps Viewer) Will open a new window or tab.
    • Select > "Roads and Address for Aerial Photos"
    • Select > "Theme Map Layers"
  • Scroll down
    • Select > "Zoning and Land Use"
    • Select  > "City Sectors"     This will cause shaded areas of the map. The Rutland Sector is grayish.
  • Scroll down
    • Click on "Base Maps"
    • Select > "Street Map"

With the City Map Viewer if you un-click other options the map will become more focused on showing only the Sector Maps.

We are working on getting a static map with labeled street names to add to the website.

Meantime for reference to a recent question: Those living on Sylvania Cres are within the Rutland Residents Association Boundaries.

If you are unsure if your residence is within the boundaries and can't load the above map please contact rratech@rutlandresidentsassociation.ca and your address will be looked up to see if it is within the boundaries.

Membership Application

Rutland Residents Association Boundary (.pdf) See the directions above if you wish to find this on the city map. If you have a specific address you are wondering about contact rratech@rutlandresidentsassociation.ca

Constitution and Bylaws (2017): Paper copies of this can be available if requested before the meeting.